While the focus of many landscapes may be the patio, pond or retaining wall, none of these are truly complete without plantings.  A carefully selected plant palette helps bring a landscape to life throughout all four seasons.  In the spring, our attention is often drawn to the early bloomers such as Crabapple, Forsythia and Lilacs.  In the summer, flowering perennials often take the forefront, backed by spectacular foliage colors and textures of plants such as Ninebark, Sumac, Elderberry, and Barberry.  Fall brings some of our area’s best photo opportunities, with the amazing color change that happens in plants such as Maples, Viburnum, and Euonymous.  Often overlooked, winter brings a necessity for landscape interest, even through the snow.  Dogwoods, Birch and Evergreens help us bring a bit of life into the often dreary winter months.  Our design team is proud to include horticulturists and master gardeners to help bring your yard into all four seasons.

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