Paired with proper watering, a precisely planned fertilization program will turn your yard into the best in the neighborhood.  A healthy lawn requires the appropriate treatments and nutrients at the appropriate time of season.  While green is good, we strive for more than just green.  A truly healthy lawn has a strong, developed root system surrounded by nutrient rich soil, an appropriate amount of thatch, and lush, green growth.  CurbSide’s 4 application package includes all of the essential nutrients and treatments to establish this level of health:


Spring Application:

A heavy rate of balanced fertilizer to improve color and promote dense turf.  Pre-emergent crabgrass control is included to prevent early season crabgrass.  Weed control is automatically provided whenever needed.


Early Summer Application:

A balanced slow release fertilizer with iron.  Custom weed control is tailored to each lawn’s needs.


Late Summer / Fall Application:

A balanced slow release fertilizer to encourage proper plant development and supply necessary nutrients for increased root growth and turf density.  Weed control at this point benefits both this season as well as next, by reducing the weed population and seed-producers.


Late Fall / Winterizer:

This application is one of the most important.  A heavy rate of fertilizer to ensure an earlier spring green-up.  The application will help develop root structure and plant vigor to maintain health through the winter months.